8 Quick Hairstyles When Running Late

Fixing your hair certainly takes up enormous amount of time. Sometimes hair preparation becomes the reason to be late. And for some of us who can’t leave the house without making sure we look good, it’s definitely a challenge to balance time when you’re running out of it. Good thing, there are ways to fix hair as fast as brushing teeth!

These hair tricks won’t need iron or curlers, just a small amount of time, and a bit of patience in following the steps. These hairdos are surely easy and fast to do. It is almost unbelievable to think that we can actually attain a stunning hair without spending so much time fixing it. There are techniques that could help us have a beautiful crown when we missed that alarm and have extended sleep. Get ready and prepare your bobby pins and hair sprays, here are 8 ways to fix your hair when you’re running late.

Quick fix hair Cute half braid, easy and quick to do. These curls could only be done if you’ve kept your hair in bun the whole night.

Quick fix hair Half braid with ribbon. Be sure to apply hair moisturizer to hair or spray net to keep your hairstyle all day.

Quick fix hair Easy and quick up-do for daily unexpected errands. 

Quick fix hair

Cute and easy side hair for posh and simple look.

Quick fix hair

Easy yet elegant bun, perfect for daily run to the office or school.

Quick fix hair

Just easily hide your messed up hair with a hat or bonnet. Looks fab, nonetheless!

Quick fix hair Ariana Grande inspired half-up half down, for casual look.

Quick fix hair

Chic and creative half-up half-down that takes less than 5 minutes to do.


All images are capture screenshot from the Youtube video above