5 Quick and Easy Back-to-Work Hairstyles

The first month of the year has begun! Meaning school and work days have also arrived. If you feel like you’re not yet ready to head out, hit the road, and go back to your routine, you’re not alone! There are tons like us who are still too lazy to get up from bed, and prepare for life. That is why, to start off your day, here are easy and quick ways to style your hair. Viola! And you already have a quick cheat sheet to look gorgeous even if your mind is still fluttering from the holidays, hence making you want to skip the shower.

These 5 easy hairstyles are perfect for a come-back from a long vacation. It is easy, messy, yet glamorous. Far noticeable that you were in a hurry, and chose to preserve your pheromones because it is too chilly to hit the water. These hair tricks also need really few materials to pull off (actually as few as bobby pins and hair ties). You just need to follow these simple steps from Danielle Mansutti, and you’re good to go!

back to work hairstyle Cute and easy side braids messy bun

back to work hairstyle Adorable classic milkmaid braids

back to work hairstyle Side braids half-up half-down casual hair look

back to work hairstyle

Not your ordinary voluminous messy bun with side braids



All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above