Winter Hairstyles You Should Never Forget

Yep! Winter is not yet over, and it will probably stay until around March. That means you should also hoard more winter hairstyle ideas because whether you like it or not, the cold days are here to stay for quite a while. Well, actually winter is the best season for hair. Our hair gets minimal dirt because of the weather, and it is easier to manage, too! Plus, long hair adds warmth. It will never get sticky or oily for the rest of winter, unless you’re planning to not hit the shower until fall (which, I’m pretty sure is far from reality, right?).

Therefore, we gathered more hairstyle ideas that you would certainly love to do with your hair every single chilly day.  Whether you love up-dos, braids, or just simply adding hair accessories, these hairstyles are for you to cherish.

Check these cute and cool hairstyle ideas for winter!

Winter hair A messy bun will always be a winner for winter

Winter hair

Side fish braid looks good with bonnet or hat when those ‘greasy’ days come and your hair ends up flat

Winter hair Just tie your hair up, add any cute hair accessory, and you’re done!

 Winter hairSubtle curls + hair accessory= cuteness overload

Winter hair

Simple hair tie is awesome when wearing fluffy and thick scarves, as it keeps the hair in place


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above