Be Amazed with this Unique 4-Strand Braid

This video tutorial from Bebexo teaches a unique style of 4-strand braid that is perfect for an everyday look. What gives this 4-strand braid a distinctive character is its mini-braid in the middle. This mini braid is what makes the regular 4-strand braid definitely cuter.

This hairstyle needs very few materials, as its main requirement is just a set of elastics. You can curl your hair before braiding to give it a texture. You can also apply a hairspray and mousse to add volume. This 4-strand braid is also a perfect disguise when you want to look fresh, but you’re too lazy to wash your hair.

Check out this tutorial to know the rest of the procedure!

2016-02-18 18_12_29-Unique 4 Strand Braid (Braid in Braid) Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

The mini braid in the middle looked like a hair accessory


Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above