3 Ways to Pull-Off Short Hair

Cutting your hair short sure is a courageous act. But after several days, and when you came to realize regret, you’ll most likely end up weeping, begging for your long hair to come back. It doesn’t have to be like that. You and your short hair can compromise to each other, and it is certainly possible to pull off that short hair you chose.

Look at it this way, short hair is hot. It is a magnificent turn from your old and boring mermaid hair. And while you wait for your long hair to come back, think of ways of how you can enjoy that short hair. There are actually tons of ways to manage it. There are tons of ways to style your short hair, more than you can ever imagine. And if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to braid, and just want to keep your hair down and move freely with air. These 3 hair tricks would marvelously turn you into a hot thang!

short hairdo The Laziest Hairdo, aka Why You’ve Cut Your Hair in the First Place. Steaming hot, nonetheless.

short hairdo

Straightening your hair also works best for bob/short hair. It gives an edgy look, especially when you haven’t ever tried straightening your hair. 

short hairdo

Bouncy and curly hairdo look marvelous in short hair. It gives a dash of vibe of 90’s which is not bad because as you can see, it looks as hot as Alicia Silverstone.

Images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above