3 Simple Ponytails to Turn You Into a Stunner!

Are you getting sick of your usual, mediocre, boring ponytail? Do you feel like it’s time you add style and uniqueness to your crown? Obviously, affirmative! You wouldn’t be here, reading this page if you don’t. That is why for this coming summer, we’re giving you 3 hairstyle ideas to spark up the life of lifeless hair.

These simple ponytails can actually be worn at any times! Each style is extremely lovely yet undoubtedly easy to create. These styles are low maintenance, too. You will only need elastics and bobby pins for these hairdos, and/or hairspray (optional, however) to add texture and volume to hair.  However, Mimi, host of the tutorial, used hair extensions for the look. But don’t worry, you would still pull-off the same result even without hair extensions.

Watch this video from Luxy Hair, and be stunning!

2016-01-22 12_46_29-Cute Summer Ponytails _ Luxy Hair - YouTube

A gorgeous look in less than 2 minutes! It is possible.

2016-01-22 12_46_53-Cute Summer Ponytails _ Luxy Hair - YouTube

Some twists and turns, and you’re good to face the crowd!

2016-01-22 12_47_15-Cute Summer Ponytails _ Luxy Hair - YouTube

Looks impossible to create, right? Actually it’s just a twisted braid!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above