Woven Braids & Twists to Make Little Girls Shine!

The Woven Braids & Twists is the new hip hairstyle for kids! It has been catching the attention of moms who like to make their daughters look outstanding in school, events, and actually everywhere they go. This hairstyle is perfect for kids, especially when they are active and playful. Aside from looking stunning and creative, the Woven Braids & Twists lasts long to hair due to its tight hold. Now kids can move around and play, with a neat look that holds the hair firm.

This video from Babes in Hairland shows how the Woven Braids & Twists can be done using a very few materials. What’s more stunning about this braid is its unique criss-cross, twists and structure that are truly creative! The Woven Braids & Twists would be more outstanding if used with hair accessories like flowers and cute hair pins. To copy the look a lot easier, it is suggested to do it on wet hair. Prepare what you will need for the look such as bobby pins and elastics.

Enjoy the video from Babes in Hairland!

Woven Braids & Twists

Playful and cute style for little girls!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above