Easy Woven Braid to Look Cute and Romantic

The Woven Braid from Aurora Braids is incredibly easy to create that used only bobby pins and elastic bands to achieve! You may also give your hair some gorgeous curls for the hair’s body and texture, as well to have a much fancier appeal. The Woven Braid is a versatile hairstyle that can be created for formal, fancy, and casual events.

Despite of how intricate it looks, actually it is very simple to create! Woven Braid is also a versatile style that any girl could wear in any occasion. This hairstyle needs very few materials, as its main requirement is just a set of elastics. You can curl your hair before braiding to give it a texture. You can also apply a hairspray and mousse to add volume. This Woven Braid is also a perfect disguise when you want to look fresh, but you’re too lazy to wash your hair.

Check out this tutorial to know the rest of the procedure!

woven braid

Braid technique that’s easy, quick, and beautiful!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above