Be a Not-Your-Ordinary-Girl with the Unique Window Braid!

Girls of any age would love the Window Braid because of its uniqueness. Despite of how intricate it looks, actually it is very simple to create! Window Braid is also a versatile style that any girl could wear in any occasion. This technique, that actually doesn’t require braiding, will turn anyone looking gorgeous, fun and outgoing, everywhere she goes!

This tutorial features a fun and unique hair design that Princess Hairstyles named as the “window braid.” The twists forming around each side of the oval shaped center could remind us of curtains being pulled back around a window!

According to Princess Hairstyles, they love the edgy “high fashion” look of this style with the sides slicked back in “cornrow twists” and a low ponytail. Furthermore, for a more dramatic effect, you could tease the “bangs” area to create a higher and more voluminous pompadour in the front.

Enjoy the awesome video from Princess Hairstyles!

Window Braid

Fun, neat and comfy, that’s how the Window Braid beats other hairstyles!

Image is a captured screenshot form the Youtube video above