Stunning 2-in-1Hairstyle Collab Warrior Braid

Warrior braid is one of the fanciest and trickiest hairdos of all time. It is a combination of French braids and a fishtail braid, which created a surprisingly stunning collaboration. Though it’s quite tricky, succeeding in creating the trick is definitely worth it!

This video tutorial from Sweethearts Hair Design is actually the easiest way to create the Warrior braid. Just carefully follow the steps, notice which comes first, and it’ll be done in as fast as less than 10 minutes. Warrior braid suits for formal occasions, as well as casual the casual days. Due to its nice grip on the hair and neat look, it’s also a perfect hairstyle during strenuous work such as hitting the gym or during busy days at the office.

Check out how to create such wonderful Warrior braid hair super fast and easy!

warrior braid

Stunning collaboration of hair braids

The image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above