Beach-Ready Victorias Secret Hair Waves Using Velcro!

This video tutorial from daceyhapa shows how you can have Victorias Secret Hair Waves using velcro! Now that summer is almost here, girls need beach waves, too! Who doesn’t want that hot waves like a Victorias Secret model?

If you have watched a Victorias Secret show, you might have noticed how stunning and naturally beautiful all their models are. It is because they always make sure to hire the best stylist for the show.

If you have also noticed, almost all the models have similar hairstyles; and that is the bouncy, big and natural-looking waves. How to exactly copy that hairstyle had become a sensational wonder. Good thing, daceyhapa knew how to copy the accurate way to create beautiful waves like a Victoria’s Secret model!

Enjoy this video from daceyhapa!

Victorias Secret Hair

Natural bounce and flow of hair is simple yet stunning!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above