This Upside Down Ponytail is Perf for Summer!

This braid tutorial from Braidsandstyles12 shows how to Upside down Ponytail. In the video, Braidsandstyles12 teaches the ways to DIY french braid upside down. It is a great hairstyle for any occasion, and suits any girls!

More and more girls are trying the Upside down Ponytail on their self. Especially, today that the weather is becoming hotter, pony-tailing techniques are a must. Upside down Ponytail is one of the gorgeous ways to keep the hair lifted in a stylish way. You can now catch your daily errands, feeling fresh despite of the hot weather. Upside down Ponytail is a hairstyle that can be worn at fancy, formal and casual occasions. Create this hairstyle when going to work, heading to the gym, catching a romantic date, or attending a dinner meeting; Upside down Ponytail really is that versatile!

Check out the video tutorial from Braidsandstyles12!

Upside down Ponytail

Amp up your ponytail by learning the trick from Braidsandstyles12!

Upside down Ponytail

Feel fresh and neat all day with Upside down Ponytail

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above