Unbelievably Impressive Ways to Curl Hair

There are different types of curls. For different curl types and hairstyles, one must use different techniques as well. It might take several tries to learn and perfect the curling hair tricks, but when successfully done, these skills will be great help in achieving any desired look.

In this video from Sam Villa, you will learn different ways to curl hair. Variation in techniques produces varying outcomes as well. To attain the exact result, it is suggested that you get the same hair curling device in the video, as it has special features.

Hair curling techniques that you will learn in the video are the following:

  1. Flat Wrap – The flat wrap technique creates a wide yet tight wave. You’ll use a curling iron for this technique.
  2. Lazy Curl – This technique will produce a soft yet lazy curl. You’ll use a curling iron for this technique.
  3. Spiral Curl – A spring-type curl with added texture. You’ll use a curling iron for this technique.
  4. Red Carpet Waves – A combination of the flat wrap and spiral wrap. This is how you create gorgeous Hollywood Waves! You’ll use a curling iron for this technique.
  5. Push Waves with a Flat Iron (also called an S Wave) – This is a very organic and natural wave and requires the use of a flat iron.
  6. Ribbon Curl with a Flat Iron – Use this method to create a slightly tighter curl or a loose curl (depending on your compression & speed).


Lazy curling is a technique that produces loose waves for an outgoing look, or messy hairstyles, or for the days that you feel a little, you know, lazy.


Another curling technique is the spiral curl. It requires heat and does curlingĀ faster than the contemporary way. It also adds volume and shape to hair.


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above