Twisted Wedding Hair to be the Most Stunning Bride!

Usually, hairstyles for brides are costly. But why do you have to spend a pile of cash if you can do it yourself?

This video tutorial from Aurora Braids teaches how to create an elegant yet easy and no-money involved hairstyle. With just a bit of patience and hair twists, you can have a majestic hair that could make any girl the most gorgeous bride! This hairstyle called, twisted wedding hair, will save any fiance from high-priced fees of hairstylists.

What you will only need in this twisted wedding hair is just a set of elastics, and an optional hair accessories. If you want to add more volume, you may apply hairspray and mousse before twisting hair. Gather your materials and clean hair before the procedure. You may also want to add subtle curls for extra volume.

Enjoy watching this video of how to do the twisted wedding hair!

twisted wedding hair

Gorgeous details that are made up of only twists and accessories

twisted wedding hair

A wedding hairstyle drizzled with Boho vibe

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above