Surprisingly Easy Twist Updo in Less Than 2 minutes!

This simple messy twist updo from CinthiaTruong is perfect for the warming days! And though why messy hairstyles look oh-so-heart-meltingly-stunning is still a mystery, tons of girls fall in love with the style. More and more girls embrace these messy hairdos for their everyday look! Due to that, hairstylists are becoming more and more creative when inventing new looks. Mixing and matching braids is one of their techniques to come up with new ideas. This tutorial from CinthiaTruong is a good example of a new hair trick that is fast and easy, but never compromises the result!

The easy twist updo might seem tricky, but the truth is, anyone can create it without needing to have 5 more fingers. It also needs minimal materials, too! Just gather a few elastic bands and Bobby pins and you’re all set!

Carefully follow the steps, then you can finish the look in less than 2 minutes! Enjoy this video from CinthiaTruong!

twist updo

Bun that looks complicated but in fact can be done in less than 2 minutes!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above