Superb Triple French Braid Like No Other!

Missy Sue created Triple French Braid Double Waterfall entirely by mistake one morning while she was getting ready for work. When it worked out the first time she immediately told her friends about it.

Triple French Braid Double Waterfall is the French Braid High Bun on steroids; the one that makes it into the Olympics and sneaks off with the gold medal while the judges are still trying to figure out what its title even means. This hairstyle is highly noticeably-creative, and the type of hair that you would want if you want to stand out among the crowd.

Triple French Braid Double Waterfall is actually a whole lot easier to do than it looks, but don’t worry because Missy Sue got a video tutorial for this baby.

You can find the amazing video below. Enjoy!

Triple French Braid

Super creative look that girls can wear anytime

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above