Stand Out with a Tousled Short Hair!

Tousled short hair is a hot and sexy trick to add texture and style to short hair. Due to the change of season, as well as increasing number of famous people getting the haircut, short bobcut is surely becoming the trend! However, for girls who cut their hairs short, there will always be the adjustment period. Many of these girls struggle of how they can style bobcut for summer.

That’s why, this video tutorial from clothesencounters shows how to style a short bobcut fast and easy! Especially for the summer, girls want to be always on point for parties. Bobcut surely looks hot and sexy, only if, one can carry it with style and confidence. This video teaches how to tousled bobcut that has a volume and texture, which any girl could carry dauntlessly. What’s amazing about the process is you have a choice to use or not use a curling iron for the look! Prepare your favorite hair mousse and hairspray for the hairstyle, by the way!

Enjoy this awesome video from clothesencounters!

tousled short hair

Textured short hair looks hot and out-going, definitely perfect for parties!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above