Thinking of a New Look? Know Why You Must Consider a Bob

Bob hairstyle was introduced among the ladies in the early 1920’s. They said it was a sign of modernity, and an action for convenience of the female workers of WWI. The bob was popularized by the most prominent female stars of the 20’s that caused it to trend in the West. Though the bob cut had temporarily vanished until the 60’s, women have continued loving the bob cut until today.

Just these past recent years, the fad of short hair among women have risen once again. Tons of celebrities and popular ladies cut their short hair and went for a bob. Different kinds of bob hairs were seen everywhere, and it was never a bad thing. Women looked a lot sexier and tougher with bob hair, which is a magical turn from long mermaid hairs. Until today, ladies are becoming more creative and braver for new looks. Girls, now, do not even care about the norm, and go for which hair color and cut they want. And that is a good thing!

If you haven’t yet tried a bob hair, and you’re awfully bored with your plain long hair, why don’t you consider having a bob? Check out these bob hairstyles that you might fall in love with!

Classic straight bob looks cute to anyone, could make one look younger, too!

Super short bob looks elegant and classy

Red bob hair is blazing hot! With layers and bangs it gives a mixed approach of innocent and sexy

Tap your bob with creativity and style by dyeing it with pastel

Curling a bob hair results to a vintage, hot look!

Even Anne Hathaway went for a short bob, too. And it even looked more gorgeous!

Of course, Emma Stone had gloriously pulled off a messy bob as well

How about a straight apple bob hair with bangs that Katie Holmes rocked in an awards night?