The Best Short Hairstyle for Summer!

Short hair game is becoming stronger with the piling amount of women shaving their heads. These past years, ladies didn’t only learn to be creative with their hair, make-up, and look, but also knew courage to have intensely short hairs. What’s surprising is that the public adored it as much as these girls do!

We hunted the wide world of internet for proofs of this revolution, and what we found is not all disappointing. Thousands of women are hashtagging #shorthairdontcare and they meant it! Shaved heads, creatively revamped, urging a novel modification of females are slowly crawling its way to the future. Through these photos that we’ve found on Instagram, we saw what’s coming in the next few years: super short hair trends among women, showing bravery for art and a sign of gender equality.

Still very sexy, indeed. Short hair and bikini gives confusing, staggering and a turn-on feel. Don’t you agree?

Brightly colored short hair suits any skin color, and would still look lovely to any women.

Though a short hair gives a tomboy image, it is still undoubtedly hot and sexy.

Straight bangs, blue hair and shaved undercut, why not? Eccentricity is art.

Just like what her caption says, this hair trend might be the new revolution.

A pastel pixie hair could still look adorable and doll-like.

An icon for hair trends, Paramore vocalist, Hayley Williams, has been inspiring thousands of girls to follow her courageous steps for creative hairstyle.