The Best Buns for Summer!

Bun is life. Life for girls who are always on-the-go. Life for girls who are always running late. Bun is life for girls who seem to have always running out of time, but still want to look as pretty, elegant and well turned-out like any other girls that do not consider that bun is life.

That is the essence of bun in life: if done right, it saves time and lets girls to be still gorgeous and presentable in the face of cramming. Why, because bun is easy as 1, 2, 3. It literally is just 3 steps away to a stunning look can be worn anytime and anywhere. Bun is perfect for formal occasions, fancy dates, movie nights, or just when hitting the gym. You’d certainly look ever photo-ready in buns!

To know how to do a perfect, quick and easy bun, follow the steps of this tutorial from the video below:

2016-01-13 15_42_44-Easy & Quick Messy Bun Tutorial - YouTube

Simple and elegant, bun fits any type of occasion



Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above