Star Wars Fans Alert! Here’s How to do Signature Hairstyles from Star Wars!

The whole world was staggered when Star Wars came back! Fans were even more surprised with the new characters and their twists. One of the new characters is Rey, a girl from Jakku. Just like other female characters in Star Wars, Rey received as much admiration from fans. Because of this, like Princess Leia and Padme, Rey became the highlight and main character of the film.

Tons of fans, most of them girls, adored these female characters and copied their style, from dresses to hair. In this tutorial from  Kayley Melissa, hairstyles of the most popular female characters in Star Wars are featured. From Princess Leia’s big side twists, Padme’s elegant updo, to Rey’s signature pony,  Kayley Melissa taught how to create them one by one. Some hairstyle may need extensions and tools, so note them down and gather before you proceed.

Enjoy this tutorial from  Kayley Melissa!

2016-01-19 21_54_36-3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial! - YouTube

Princess Leia

2016-01-19 21_55_01-3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial! - YouTube


2016-01-19 21_55_43-3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial! - YouTube


All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above