Sparkly Hair to Shine Like a Star!

This video tutorial from Kayley Melissa shows quick easy sparkly hair that can be used as formal wears using only cute accessories! And because sometimes hair preparation becomes the reason to be late for some of us who can’t leave the house without making sure we look good, it’s definitely a challenge to balance time when you’re running out of it. Good thing, Kayley created some very fast ways to have a fancy sparkly hair to look like a star!

These hair tricks need just a small amount of time, and a bit of patience in following the steps. These hairdos are surely easy and fast to do. It is almost unbelievable to think that we can actually attain a stunning hair without spending so much time fixing it. There are techniques that could help us have a beautiful crown when we missed that alarm and have extended sleep.

Enjoy this video from Kayley!

Sparkly Hair

Side swept hair for an elegant look

2016-03-11 20_49_10-3 Quick Hairstyles for Sparkly Hair Accessories! - YouTube

Double the accessory, double the fun!

2016-03-11 20_49_25-3 Quick Hairstyles for Sparkly Hair Accessories! - YouTube

A bun is perfect for formal wears

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above