Snaking Nested Braids Perfect for Playful Girls!

There are tons of ways to braid. With the increasing number of hair stylists, the variation of braiding is getting vast, too. One of the most unique techniques to braid is the Snaking Nested Braids from Babes in Hairland.

This Snaking Nested Braids from Babes in Hairland, gives the illusion of snake-like complicated hairdo that looks cute rather than too exotic. Snaking Nested Braids is a super cute hairstyle for kids. Aside from its uniqueness, this hairstyle would also keep the hair in place at all times. The Snaking Nested Braids would look adorable to adults and teens, too! This hairstyle is perfect for formal and casual occasions, and can be done in less than 10 minutes with minimal hair materials needed!

Check out the amazing video from Babes in Hairland!

Snaking Nested Braids

Adorable braiding that could look tricky but is really easy to do

Snaking Nested Braids

Neat and refreshing hairdo, perfect for playful kids!

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above