Are You Looking for an Instant Sleek Look? Slip Tie Braid is For You!

For days you just want to get rid of your annoying bangs, but you’d also want to look stylish , this Slip Tie Braid could be a consideration!

This Slip Tie Braid looks sleek! If you love lifting your hair up to keep it away from face, it’s time for you to learn how to do the Slip Tie Braid. It’s really easy, anyways!

This Slip Tie Braid looks complex but is really simple once you get the rhythm. You begin just like you would if you were typing your shoe, after that, you work with three strands on each side of the braid overlapping square knots. Sam Villa, creator of the style, texturized the hair first with the Sam Villa Textur Iron to add texture and keep the braid from slipping (awesome trick!). When you finish, keep the knots tight or spread them a little for a beautiful finished look!

Enjoy this video from Sam Villa!

Slip Tie Braid

Elegant look that you can wear in NYFW!

Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above