Secret Trick for a Perfect Bun!

Buns, buns, buns. 2015 had been welled-over different kinds of hair buns. Both girls and boys have been lifting up their hairs to create man-buns, big messy buns, low buns, or anything that look like it. However, creating a perfect bun isn’t done by just lifting and twisting and tying hair. It has a particular process, it needs specific materials. And most of the time, a gorgeous bun cannot be achieved without this material that they call the “donut tie”.

Luckily, there is a way to create the perfect, big and messy bun without this “donut” thing. The truth is donut ties are not well supplied to stores all over the world. You cannot easily find it, therefore if you, too, don’t have the means to have your own donut, this video will teach how to make the perfect bun without donuts.


Look how big and fluffy this bun is even without a donut!


Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above