2-minute Rope Braid to Look Fancy in Your Busy Days!

This 2-minute Rope Braid is a wonderful hair for weddings and other formal events, especially, when you’re running late! This style from The Freckled Fox is solely created for girls who sometimes want to look classy, but cannot stand the long process of preparation. The Rope Braid can also be worn for hot days. It is a good hairstyle to keep the hair lifted and neat at all times, especially when busy days arrive.

The Rope Braid  from The Freckled Fox used bobby pins and a hairspray to achieve the look. However, it isn’t necessary to have the same products to exactly copy the hairdo. Similar materials would surely do! The Rope Braid, aside from weddings, is also a nice style for prom nights and other fancy events.

Check out the video from The Freckled Fox!

Rope Braid

Fancy look that never seemed effortless!


Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above