Try This Unique Mermaid Pull thru Braid for Different Occasions!

According to CGH, the inspiration for today’s tutorial has been floating around Facebook lately, from a video in a language from a foreign land. CHG saw it on Giang Popper’s page.

Mincy of CHG loves how simple the Pull thru Mermaid Braid is to do, using a banded ponytail and hair pulled through the sections from both sides. It leaves a very elegant-looking braid that can be worn dressed up or down.

This unique mermaid Pull thru Braid is superb! It is intensely easy and fast to make, with an outcome that is versatile for different occasions. It can be worn in fancy events, and perfect with casual errands, too. The unique mermaid Pull thru Braid is definitely comfy as well. With the help of the elastics, it stays in place for long hours. That is also same reason why you can wear it during strenuous activities such as jogging or hitting the gym.

Check out this rad vid of how to create the wonderful style from CGH!

pull thru braid

Easy twists and pulls that would look gorgeous at the end!

Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above