Prettiest Half-ups for Short hair!

Behold, here are the prettiest half-ups for short hair! Though a short hair is easy to maintain and manage, many girls get bored with it due to its limited style options. Most particularly, when formal and fancy occasions call, equally extravagant hairstyles are a bit unnerving to pull-off. Maybe it is because we the choices are few when styling short hair.

That is why we have gathered ideas of how to magnificently style short hair with less effort. It led us to this video tutorial that teaches how to create the quickest and loveliest half ups for short hair! These hairstyles are perfect when in a hurry, or when you’re having a bad hair day. Because for short hairs, bad hair days is a nightmare, and these styles surely are the best weapons!

2016-02-26 19_26_55-3 Easy Short Hair Hairstyles!! - YouTube

Half up with braid and curls

2016-02-26 19_27_12-3 Easy Short Hair Hairstyles!! - YouTube

Mixed side braids hair accent

2016-02-26 19_27_31-3 Easy Short Hair Hairstyles!! - YouTube

Bohemian style big accent braid

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above