Secret Tips to a Perfect Ponytail

Perfect can be subjective, but not with ponytails. We know what is the perfect ponytail once we see it. And we know we want it like everybody else does. It is definitely time to turn the usual ponytail to something more alluring to the eye. That’s why searched for answers.

What we found is this video from Cute Girls Hairstyles that exposes the tips to a fuller, longer, and definitely attention-drawing ponytail. The first tip shows how to make the ponytail look longer, and the second tip shows how to give the ponytail a more voluminous effect. Butterfly clips is a great help to beautify any hairstyle. Might as well carry one with you everywhere you go to spice up a simple ponytail!

Watch this amazing video tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

perfect ponytail

The little changes give a wonderful, stunning, and noticeable effect! 

perfect ponytail

Add curls to make it hotter!

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above