Achieve the Perfect Blowout Without Spending a Penny!

This tutorial from Missy Sue, uncovers the secret ways to have the perfect blowout without needing to visit the salon. With the use of only a blower and some magical hair products, we can now have the everyday hair that we dream of! This way, we can also save our hair from further damages, while saving some cash, too. We will never have to spend money for salon treatments and products. The only tools we need in this tutorial, aside from the mentioned, is time and patience.

According to Missy Sue, a great blowout makes you look polished and put together. Many people run to a salon to achieve the look, but it is absolutely possible to do it yourself. Once you learn how to do it the right way, a great blow dry can last for days! Just follow these easy steps to pull off the look at home.

Enjoy the tutorial from Missy Sue!

Perfect Blowout

The hair that looks like you just got out of the salon

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above