No Curling Iron? No Problem! Learn How to Curl Hair Using Only Pieces of Cloth!

Not all of us are blessed to have a curling iron when we need it. In times we have a special event to attend, and we feel like adding curls to hair, we thought it isn’t impossible to curl it without electronic tools. Luckily, there are now tons of hacks to curl hair without the use of heat. One of them is curling hair with used t-shirts ot rags. You heard it right! We can now curl hair with the use of any used cloth!

This video will teach you how to have gorgeous curls without heat. Now not only that you can save money but also save your hair from further damages. So scour amongst your pile of excess clothes, or your father’s, mother’s hoarded dresses from the 70’s. Curl your hair beautifully with the use of pieces of cloth!

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Easy, gorgeous girls without spending a penny!


Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above