No curler? No problem! How to Curl Hair Using Only Paper Towels

Paper towels are very useful in our daily living. We mostly need it in our kitchen, bathroom, for cooking, or to keep everything nice and tidy. Who would know we can also use it for beautifying needs?

Certainly, paper towels are convenient and necessary to life. In the most desperate times that we desire for gorgeous curls, paper towels can even substitute those pricey curling rods. Cute Girls Hairstyles exposed the hack of how to have an expensive-looking hairdo with the use of only pieces of paper towels, easy as pie.

However, curls produced from paper towels have particular style. These curls look tighter than what are created with rods that are looser and bouncier. Nonetheless, the curls are not bad at all, to think that paper towels are far cheaper and safer to use.

The curls made from paper towels actually look stunning that have somewhat boho look. Besides, in this tutorial you will discover, too, how you can style these curls from paper towels.

Sit back and enjoy this hair hack from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

2016-01-18 16_08_08-How to Create _No-Heat_ Paper Towel Curls - YouTube

At first, you will look like you misplaced your used paper towels on your hair, but c’mon that’s a part of the process

2016-01-18 16_08_27-How to Create _No-Heat_ Paper Towel Curls - YouTube

After several hours, from an embarrassing, uncanny look, the moment you released your hair from paper towels, you’ll turn into an astounding Goddess 


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above