New Ponytail Tricks You Have Never Seen!

And because it’s now time to reinvent your ponytail into a fresh and contemporary style, here are 15 new ponytail tricks for you from Mademoiselle Ruta! Turn your old-fashioned ponytail into a stylish and stunning one! We once thought that ponytails are only apt when going to the gym, school or when staying at home, but you can actually take this simple look to make it a statement!

Today is the historical day to reinvent your usual, mediocre ponytail that you should have grown out years ago. Ingest a spoonful of creativity, and spike that ponytail up! These 15 ways to create different kinds of ponytails will show you how to recreate that standard up-do. Try these hairstyles that are truly comfortable and mesmerizing!

Enjoy this video from Mademoiselle Ruta!

New Ponytail Tricks

Add a cute ribbon to give spark to simplicity

New Ponytail Tricks

Fishtail never fails to turn simple ponytails into fancy hairdos 

New Ponytail Tricks

Add a side twist to have a pinch of elegance to your ponytail 

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above