More Winter Hairstyles to Keep You Warm

Winter isn’t over yet! So before we rush into summer, and gather hairstyle ideas. We should not forget that long cold days are still here, and will be here for long. That is why, gathering hairstyle ideas for winter should not be ceased.

Hairstyles play important roles to let us cope up with the weather. Aside from its aesthetic perks, hairstyles could also give comfort. For winter, hairdo should fit the attire. If the dress will be thinner than the appropriate winter dress, it is suggested that hair should be big and let down to provide warmth. If the dress will be bulky or paired with thick scarves, it is said that hair should be tied up.

This video tutorial teaches adorable and comfortable hairstyles for winter. Up-dos and braids, each hairstyle suits different winter dresses. Check it out!

2016-01-13 18_21_42-4 Cute & Lazy Winter Hairstyles! - YouTube

Simple up-do with headband is perfect for windy days, and when wearing a scarf

2016-01-13 18_22_44-4 Cute & Lazy Winter Hairstyles! - YouTube

Half-up half-down for formal occassions

2016-01-13 18_23_22-4 Cute & Lazy Winter Hairstyles! - YouTube

Side invisibobble looks cute with cocktail dresses


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above