Easy and Wonderful Mixed French Braid for Any Occasion!

Today’s hairstyle is such a fun mixed french braid and Abby smith hopes you’ll love it! Because Abby knows Prom is coming up, she I wanted to share something a little on the fancier side but if you keep the braid tight instead of pulling it out so much it’d be the perfect hairstyle for the mom/student/worker bee on the go!

This Mixed French Braid is the epitome of all braid combinations! It is easy, quick, and messy! The latter is still a plus point in our view! You can wear this style in different occasions. Actually, you can wear this hair anywhere and anytime you please because it is that versatile! Just prepare are couple of hair products, as discussed by Abby. However, never weep if you did not get all of it! The important thing is always how the hairdo looks!

Enjoy this wonderful vid from Abby!
Mixed French Braid

Wonderful and easy hairdo every girl can do!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above