Ways to Make Mid Length Hair Look Sexy!

How to style your mid length hair ? Simple, just grab a comb, be creative, and aim to look gorgeous. Well! We wish it is as simple as that.

Actually, it can be easy and simple if we know how to handle our short hair well. You’ll be surprised how many ways we can style it. There are tons of ways to have gorgeous short hair, in point of fact, much more than you can ever imagine!

This video tutorial about how to style short hair is a solid proof. We can actually do numerous things in our short hair. Just like long hair, we can bun, braid, and do many other tricks with. Watch this very easy to follow tutorial from Shawna Truong that could add 85% sexiness to your plain short hair!


Chic and simple low bun for daily look


Side braids looks cool and sexy!


Who said you can’t do a bun with short hair?


Half-up half-down braid


Half-up half-down bun because we can!


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above