This Looped Waterfall Will Stun You!

Abby Smith¬†wore this hairstyle in a few of her snaps last week and was getting a ton of requests for it. This style is one of Abby’s favorite styles because it’s so easy, and you can dress it up and down.

With this Looped Waterfall, Abby would surely get your creative juices flowing! You could add another row of loops on the other side, join them together in the middle for a little crown effect or you could pull the loops from one ear to the other and do a low side bun or braid. There are so many ways to dress this bad boy up! Another style is to one row on top, one row on bottom. There are actually 20 million ways to wear the looped waterfall braid! Okay, maybe that is too much, but almost!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial from the great Abby Smith!

Looped Waterfall

Cute hair accents that could spice up any plain and lame hair!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above