Check Out the Loony Braid for Fun Days!

This video from ChikasChic is going to show you how to do a gorgeous, unique braid! It is a 4 strand uneven braid, or what they call the loony braid. The Loony Braid has cute patterns, and the colors of ribbons can even be customized! It can be worn every day and it is perfect for all ages: girls and adults!!

The Loony Braid will look cute in little girls. It looks fun and is very easy to create, too! It suits special events in schools such as Foundation day or Sports Week! It will look great in older girls, for cheering competitions or dance events. The accessory isn’t necessary to be a ribbon, it can be any hair accessories similar to a lace, such as flower lace or see-through cotton.

Learn how the style is done by watching the video from ChikasChic!

Loony Braid

The pattern definitely looks cute!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above