Lived-in Bun is for Ladies Who are Always Into Action!

This messy bun from The Small Things Blog has its own catch that many girls can relate. It’s called the lived in bun, perhaps because it suits those who are in the same case; which is a wonderful thing!

This lived in bun is perfect for the ladies who always want to look gorgeous even when at home. The style is comfy and chic, as well as fast and easy to create. It could be a daily wear for those who want to stay presentable and hot at all times; that we believe every lady desires.

Lived in bun is a soft, casual, and easy to wear hair. It’s effortless and quick; an amazing hair for ladies who need to be always ready for action (if you know what I mean)! On the other hand, this hair is perfect for surprise dates, too!

Any girl would surely love this messy lived in bun from The Small Things Blog. Check it out!

lived in bun

Messy bun that is a perfect wear for casual and fancy days

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above