Look Cute with This Knotted Waterfall Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles is going to teach you the Knotted Waterfall Braid, a faux waterfall braid that has a very cute and unique look.

According to Cute Girls Hairstyles, the inspiration for the Knotted Waterfall Braid came from a photo tagged by viewers Ellie and Abby, asking for a video tutorial of a braid they saw from a original on Instagram over a year ago. Pretty ingenious technique, don’t you think?

If you know how to create a simple 3-strand braid, and can follow simple knot instructions, this Knotted Waterfall Braid will be super easy for you! Securing only the end with bobby pins will not hold up well during the day, so if you follow our pinning instructions for each knot… this braid will look super fab even with a little activity!

Enjoy this video from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

Knotted Waterfall Braid

Hair accent that can be worn for daily errands

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above