Versatile and Gorgeous Knotted Updo for Medium Length Hair!

Abby Smith has once said that having a short hair this summer is amazing! It’s been so hot out and the hair would look really cute up. There’s more ends flipping out in messy styles which is cute, and Abby Smith can still put it up in a top knot. She has recently cut her hair short, and though she misses the side braid, she is nonetheless happy with her new cut.

Abby Smith has been testing out products like a mad woman. She is still has yet to REALLY love something but there are a lot of products she would like and can recommend.

Below’s hairstyle is a quick Knotted Updo hairstyle that’s super cute with medium length hair but would look just as cute with long. It’d just be fuller and you’d need to obviously wrap the buns more. You just divide the hair into four sections and roll each one into a bun. Secure with bobby pins and spray with hair spray. It’s as easy as that!

Enjoy this tutorial from Abby Smith!

knotted updo

Cute updo for short hair that can be worn in different events!

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above