Stun a Crowd, Imitate Kerry Washington’s Hairstyle at the Oscars!

Kerry Washington owned the red carpet of 2016’s Oscars. Today’s tutorial is from Abby Smith where she showed how to achieve Kerry Washington’s Hairstyle at the Oscars that was a gorgeous, sleek ponytail.

No matter simple it sounds, we know that not a thing that passes the red carpet of Oscars was made simply! Therefore, though this tutorial is just about creating a ponytail, Abby Smith taught the step-by-step way of how to have a ponytail that’s worth flaunting in an all-star event. Starting from the beginning, blow dry techniques, how to curl hair with a straightener, and then how to apply extensions when styling a ponytail, Abby tackled it all!  You can choose to make your ponytail  super sleek like Kerry, or you can keep it more textured and leave out some fringe.

Watch the video to see  how to effortlessly add extensions to your ponytails.  This ponytail is wonderful because it keeps the hair neat and lifted, while keeping it sleek! You can also use the hairtrick in any event!

Watch and enjoy the video from Abby Smith!

Kerry Washington's Oscar

Curls and volume that is truly envying

Kerry Washington's Oscar

Sleek yet simple ponytail for a classy night

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above