Jennifer Lawrence Updo to Look Like a Hollywood Star!

Who doesn’t know Jennifer Lawrence? This award-winning actress is adored anywhere in the planet. Whether it’s because of her humor and wit, skills in acting, or both; it is for sure J.Law conquered the hearts of the world.

This style from Hairstyle Confessions, shows how to create J.Law’s hairdo during the Golden Globe.

This Jennifer Lawrence updo can be done using only a few materials. However, if you desire to look a lot fancier, you’d have to use other hair products such as hairspray and curling iron to complete the look. What’s more stunning about this braid is its volume and texture are both definitely one of a kind. Jennifer Lawrence updo would be more outstanding if hair is dyed with lavish colors like platinum blonde or gray. To successfully imitate the look, it is suggested to use a dry wax and a hair iron. Other than, all you will need are just bobby pins and elastics.


Jennifer Lawrence updo

Hairstyle that fits perfect to walk with on the red carpet

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above