Instant Glam for Third-day Hair!

In the chilly days, we can’t help but become lazy. Especially during winter, washing hair turns to be just an option. We can say it isn’t utterly unhygienic. It is actually good for hair to let it release its natural oils. That is why during the cold days, no washing of hair becomes absolutely acceptable for about three days. The trouble is, greasy hair also means it is much difficult to manage.

That is why for third day hairs, we sought for solutions to cope up with the situation. Tadah! Solutions we found are 3 easy and fast hairdos to cover and control unmanageable hair.

These hairstyles for third day hair are instantaneous. Just perfect when you’re totally a lazy dog. It also needs very few materials because the natural state of hair would already give a texture. You will only need a comb (optional), elastics, bobby pins, and a dash of creativity for these amazing hairstyles!

Watch this awesome tutorial from Elanna Pecherle!

2016-01-22 14_01_43-3rd Day Hairstyles __ Heatless + Product free! - YouTube

Messy buns never fail to save the day

2016-01-22 14_03_41-3rd Day Hairstyles __ Heatless + Product free! - YouTube

Boxer braids to cover greasiness

2016-01-22 14_05_47-3rd Day Hairstyles __ Heatless + Product free! - YouTube

Alluring ponytail to keep a fresh a look!

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above