Incredibly Easy Ways to Style Short Hair!

If you think you ran out of ideas for your short hair, you’re wrong! There are hundreds of ways to style your short hair. Though length of hair is a variable in choosing the type of hairstyle you can do, it doesn’t mean that having a short hair, consequences to fewer ways to style it.

Styling short hair is as fun and versatile as styling lengthier ones. Styling short hair also has tons of variations that you can choose from depending on your attire or the event you’re going. In this video tutorial from PatryJordan, she taught 4 ways to style short hair. These hairstyles are incredibly easy and quick to do! These styles also need few tools such as  bobby pins, hairclips and hair ties or elastics.

Check out these super easy ways to style short hair!

2016-01-18 17_51_47-EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR SHORT HAIR - YouTube

Side braid can be done in as fast as 3 minutes!

2016-01-18 17_52_14-EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR SHORT HAIR - YouTube

Effortless twists can produce stunning outcome. Just add accessory and it’ll look fancy!

2016-01-18 17_52_31-EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR SHORT HAIR - YouTube

 A simple easy tie that can turn you into the cutest girl among the big hoard

2016-01-18 17_52_56-EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR SHORT HAIR - YouTube

Double knots that takes up to less than 3 minutes to do can be worn in formal occasions 

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above