How to Have Victoria Secret Model Curls Straight from the Show’s Hairstylists

Have you watched a Victoria’s Secret Show? If yes, you might have noticed how stunning and naturally beautiful all their models are. It is because they always make sure to hire the best stylist for the show.

A fashion blogger and enthusiast, Amber Fillerup, had an exceptional opportunity to see the world at the backstage of Victoria’s Secret show. There, she noted and studied how stylists do Victoria Secret’s models trademark hair. If you have also noticed, almost all the models have similar hairstyles; and that is bouncy, big and natural-looking curls. How to exactly copy that hairstyle had become a sensational wonder. Good thing, Fillerup had the experience to see how the stylists do the hairstyle. So she copied it and shared to us, curious creatures.

So see for yourself! This hairstyle tutorial sure is the most accurate way to create beautiful waves like a Victoria’s Secret model!

2016-01-12 18_25_52-TUTORIAL _ Victoria's Secret Backstage Secrets & The Full Hair How To - YouTube

Big, bouncy, naturally sexy curls!



Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above