How to Have the Sexiest Beach Waves

Things we love at the beach: feel of sand on feet, sound of waves, euphoric waves, kiss of sun, and of course, beach waves hair!

Though we still have to wait for several months until summer arrives, it doesn’t mean we also have to wait just as long for the perfect beach waves. We can have it, those perfect curls made by nature, using our own hands! With the use of iron, needless to say.

We love beach waves for obvious reasons. It’s like natural curls, it looks fun, and sexy hot! There are tons of tutorials that tell what to do or how to curl, but not all of them tell the same satisfactory result. So far, the best video tutorial we have found that has the closest outcome to real beach waves is here! Check out this video from Amber Fillerup.

faccw It’s all about the technique


Perfect texture and waves that would make you look like an island girl

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above