How to Do the Perfect Inverted Dutch Fishbraid

Dutch fishtail braids are getting attention for it looks fancy and astounding. What’s more impressive about this kind of hairstyle is it can be worn in different kinds of occasions. Whether you’re going to a wedding, a formal party or just planning to have a picnic at the park, Dutch fishtail braids wouldn’t look too fancy or too simple. Plus, it is so easy to do and wouldn’t need much hair products.

There are many types of fish tail braids that have been reinvented and recreated from one style to another. But they give the same appearance, which could be described as classy, creative, and chic! One type of Dutch braid that we saw is called inverted Dutch fish tail braid. Learn how to it by following the steps below!

2016-01-12 17_47_58-Dutch Fishtail Braid - YouTube

Dutch braid is a comfortable style, providing much elegance and simplicity


Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above