How to Create the Perfect Bun for Weddings

Lately, you noticed that there’s one common thing that has been filling up your news feed. And not long after you realized that yep, you just reached this part of your life when your friends are starting to get married. Though receiving wedding invites sure is gratifying, there are times it could also deliver weird combos of emotions. There are times you’ll encounter joy; there are moments you’ll experience blues; not usually but sometimes confusion; of course, shock; even envy (admit it, girls). But the most common feeling we have when wedding invites arrive is excitement. We get excited of what to wear, how we should look, and how the #ootd would turn out.

For fancy occasions like weddings, we prepare twice as much to look presentable. Some people even hit the salons, and pay for grandeur prices just to pull-off a magnificent look. But why should you have to bring out some valuable cash when you can do it easily on your own? To start, you may want to hoard for easy wedding hairstyle ideas like this one!


Elegant Bun perfect for any fancy occasion


Image is a screen capture from the Youtube above