Stunning 3 Holiday Hairstyles for Special Events


Abby Smith is certainly excited to be working with Target on bringing you guys 3 different holiday hairstyles!  Whether you need something festive to wear to work, something cute to run errands in or something a little more glam for your holiday parties… Abby gotcha covered!

These holidays hairstyles are the sweetest! These looks can be fancy or simple, and definitely doable! Whether on simple nights you can wear them, too! You will never be worried of looking to glammed up or under dressed because these are the looks that can fit in any event! Though they are called ‘holiday hairstyles’ it doesn’t mean you can only wear them on Holidays. You can wear them on casual days, too! That is what’s special with these looks. Plus, they are quick and easy!

Enjoy this tutorial from Abby!

3 Holiday Hairstyles

Unique and gorgeous looks that is easy and versatile!

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above